Human Body Games

The human body, to a child is the most interesting and fascinating toy they can explore. They are constantly testing themselves through the senses they have, smelling things, gawping at objects and we all know how much they love tasting everything from toy cars and dolls to all types of food!

This game focuses on the fun concept of x ray which allows the child to completely understand that there is more to the human than the eye meets. This may confuse a child at first but it will only flare their curiosity and want to learn more about how this works. This fascinating game allows the learner to firstly learn the arrangement of bones. However just like all our games, there is more to this game than simply learning the arrangement of the bones. Through the use of this human body game, a child expands their knowledge of how the human body works.

The educational focus of this game is what really shines through after the child has interacted on the Roentgen Game. An x-ray, as mentioned, will act as a trigger towards building that keenness within the child, and wanting them to spark their scientific interests, more specifically Biology. They will initially feel like they have unlocked certain secrets – even the way in which the game is designed provides the ‘revealing behind the curtains’ factor to this play.

However they may wonder why the girl’s ribbon and dress is not showing up, but rather it is a skeleton. Here is where the real educational benefits of the game are seen. The child will begin asking clever questions such as, ‘how come we can see her hands?’ or ‘Why doesn’t the skeleton have hair?’ This will then pave the way for the child to properly understand what exactly a skeleton is and how it is not the mythical scary creation they have seen on the television!

They ways in which this game will affect them in their outer real lives are that it will broaden their method of thinking and help them develop different patterns of thought. It will create within them a process, allowing them to understand that this skeleton exists under our skin and that this is the reason we may feel pain when we fall over. They will mature in their approaches towards carelessness when running around for example.
Not only will this human body game help produce a more rational point of thinking but the child will begin to understand the fact that there are consequences to actions. It is a linking process which, the earlier they pick up; the more successfully they will be able to apply it to all other aspects of their work; from education through to sports and fun.

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