Match Game

This game will test your child’s organisational and matching skills. At first, this game may seem like a simple exercise which your child has to carry out, and it is. All they have to do is match the locks with the corresponding holes. However it is the simplicity of this match game which will leave your child with skills and tools that will be very helpful in their future personal lives.

One of the skills which they will attain is the ability to recognise and match correctly. This will help them develop their recognition skills and provide them with a clear view of what it is to organise. Through matching these shapes, the child will understand the concept of order and that certain things only work one way and aren’t open to interpretation.

This will help them in their rational thought and skills of logic. As these skills aren’t taught in schools as separate subjects, it is important that your child learns these from other sources such as these matching games. They will apply the rules of logic and if not, they will learn and implement such thought into other actions outside of this game. This is a simple game which is very enjoyable.

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