House Cleaning Games

You are always vacuuming the house and cleaning up after the kids but one day they are going to have to clean up after themselves! The earlier they understand this, the better for them.

This vacuuming game only reaps beneficial elements for the player. The child is able to firstly, understand the idea of vacuuming and how it works. They are provided a vacuum and a variety of different messes, from stains through to dust. House cleaning games allows them the liberty to ask what these things are and why we need to use different types of equipment to clean up different types of mess. This is an educational, scientific perspective for the child. They may ask why we the coloured stains are not able to be cleaned by the normal vacuum head and it will be vital to explain and make sure they understand the elements which make up a stain – these elements cause it to stick and make it tougher to remove.

Placing the chemistry to a side, another important aid which this game provides is the visual-motor coordination. Not all games allow this skill to be exercised so it is important to guide your child through games as such, which make it a point to develop these specific skills. Children will use their visual-motor (hand-eye) coordination skills on a daily basis and the quicker they develop a fluency within this department, the faster they will pick things up (literally too!). This Vacuuming Game is a great game which will help your child in many ways.

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Some of the boys may turn their noses up at games like this one – ‘Urgh, girls!’ they may claim but this is possibly one of the most important and useful games they could play. Not only does this game enhance them in their imaginative and creative method of thinking but it also helps them with their visual analysis. They will learn what works best for them and develop an individual, personal image. You will be able to tell a lot about your child from the room they create.