Tractor Games

This game is a simple game, a game which broadens your child’s knowledge from a scientific point of view. However do not misinterpret this! Science is fund, and is a vital part of our everyday lives. If your child is able to understand the way things work and why they work in a certain way, they will develop the ability to understand the same curious concept to their entire surrounding. This will allow them to comprehend their surroundings with more depth and fullness.

This game puts an elephant and a tractor in a field. The first question the child may ask is why an elephant is in a field with a tractor as such. They may inquire as to how it has got there, however this is a very inquisitive and yet important question. With the answer you provide them, they will come to the clear realisation that this is a game and unusual settings may be relevant. They will absorb the fact that the true purpose of the tractor games is to see which one is stronger – an educational purpose.

The player will proceed to use the mouse to either make the elephant or the tractor win – they will click through according to what they may perceive to be the stronger object. Is it the elephant? Or the tractor? Sometimes even us adults may struggle to answer these types of questions… maybe it would be beneficial if the adults joined the children for this one?

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