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Toy joy is a brilliant and vibrant game which allows your child to become interactive and enjoy whilst learning. This is one of many learning games for kids however it is not simply a game so to speak.

Toy Joy will be beneficial towards the learning of your child in more ways than one. You ask how? Well, firstly it will teach your child the concept of sharing. As all parents are aware, kids are endearingly selfish in their own ways and to ask them to share is asking them to break a principle of theirs. This may seem a complex issue to apply to children, but believe us, this is how they see it! Toy Joy creates simple yet effective situations where the child is able to understand and implement the act of sharing.

Through playing this game, they develop the ability to comprehend and recognise that they can have more fun by sharing and trying new toys. Toy Joy is a game which appreciates the inquisitive nature of a child. By appreciating this, we are able to create this learning game which focuses primarily on this innateness of curiosity each child is born with. As the children develop towards the age of two, the parents are able to recognise the child begin to establish their personality, and create their own personal favourites. However, as mentioned, they are still inquisitive beings! They are still in awe of what their friend is holding in his/her hand and want to know how the other toy works. Toy Joy distinguishes this fact and teaches the child that they can, alongside having their own toy, share with their friends and as a result, pinpoint their curiosity.

Not only does it provide your child with a variety of interactive, responsive and colourful toys to handle, but more importantly, it equips your young ones. It provides instrumental tools which your child can apply to their outer life, whether that is in an educational, academic environment, or in a homely, family environment. Toy Joy helps your child progress in their ability to see from a different perspective than their own and by playing such a game, they will begin to apply these same rules they learn in their outer life. The child will use the same inquisitive skills, the same mannerisms, and all the positive feats, and use them in real-life situations. Toy Joy is not just a 2-D learning game for kids but it is a lesson in skills development. It will orchestrate how your child reacts to other children and whether he/she will respond positively to the inquiring minds of the other creative children around them. So let your child run free on this amazing game and see the benefits in their real lives.

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