Teeth Brushing

To get your child to brush their teeth is one thing. To put a system in place where consistency is needed? Impossible! Children, as well being lovely little creatures, cute, curious, funny – they are also unfortunately unhygienic (if left to their own devices). Therefore the Tooth Brushing game is an excellent device for all parents looking to put into place a firm system where the child learns themselves about, not only brushing itself, but the benefits of brushing.

Every child will ask about the reward before any set task. They will want to know what they are going to gain from doing a certain act before they waste their sweet toddler time. Therefore it is vital that, as parents, you are able to clearly show why brushing their teeth will be beneficial to them. Here is where this brilliant Tooth Brushing device steps in. This game persuades and encourages the player, the child, to become hygienic. It is an extremely clever game as it uses the picture of a Hippo which is generally seen as quite an unhygienic animal, whether you are of 5 years of age or 50! This picture creates an initial thought which associates dirty teeth with a mucky animal such as a hippo. Children will automatically create this connection in their heads and unlike adults, will quite possibly vocalise their thoughts. ‘Urgh, hippos haven’t got nice teeth!’ – The aim of this game is then to help the child use turn that negative association into a more positive one. This is by cleaning the teeth!

By systematically cleaning the teeth, the child begins to understand that brushing equals clean teeth, and clean teeth means you are not dirty like the animal hippo. The child will create parallels between all these acts within the game. This thought will then help them act on this and implement it within their real lives. They will become much more motivated and upbeat about brushing their teeth. Not only because of the mentioned reasons, but also due to the simple fact that they had fun whilst playing this Tooth Brushing game. They will re-enact the scenes played behind a computer screen and make themselves the real-life characters of this game.

This game is unlike others; simply because it does not only tell you how to do it, but teaches you the precise and exact method of how to brush one’s teeth. It puts in place, for our child, an interactive system which any 2-5 year old will be able to relate to. By the end of this game, they will be running for the toothbrush and paste, gloating about how shiny their teeth are and why they cannot wait to get them dirty – just so they can brush them again!

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