Matching Game

To think logically is not simply a feat which is useful but it is one which is vital. It will help your child in all walks of life, from their academia through to their personal and working lives. This royal court game is one which requires the skills of matching and it is through this game play that your child will enhance their individual logical thought processes.

This game requires your child to place the scattered pieces of the royal family to be placed back into their original place. Even the court jester has lost his hat somewhere! You may ask how on earth this will teach your child the art of logic. Well, at first it is apparent that your child will expand their knowledge and want to learn about the royal family. They will learn who and what the royal family dress like and therefore match up their images in their heads. Secondly, if you look you will see that the ready-made images are there for the child to follow. For example, the knight stood on the left has everything on from which your child should be able to imitate and place the right parts in the right places!

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