Shadow Games

This is a game which will broaden your child’s knowledge and literally help them have a wider horizon on their knowledge. This shadow game explores and defines what shadows are for the young ones.

It is a simple yet layered game which has many learning curves to it. It requires the child to simply take control of the sun and move it about to their will. We have provided the complete freedom to move the sun about to whatever position in the sky that they would like. This is so that they develop a complete and rounded knowledge of the concept of shadows and not just a simple idea of what they are.

They will see how the noon shadow differs from the evening shadow, and why exactly that happens. They recognise that the closer the sun is to the ground, the longer the shadows are – does this same rule apply to normal light? They themselves will experiment and find out. This is a brilliant game which helps develop the visual-motor skills of the child and also broadens their knowledge and method of thinking. This shadow game is a simple yet developed game which is sure to leave good affects on your child.

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