Sheep Games

As the evening approaches, it is time to herd the sheep into the safe pen for the night. The child has to do this through the aid of the sheepdog. It is a very simple game, one which your child will enjoy very much – however what will they learn?

Through playing this sheep game, the child will understand what exactly sheep are, how they work and also what sheepdog are too. Taking into consideration whether your child has been nurtured in a rural or an urban area, they will have specific ideas of a dog and how dogs work. A child growing up in an urban, city surrounding may not be aware of what exactly a sheepdog is and their mechanism. This game provides the perfect insight for both rural and urban kids. It shows them that, just like us humans, the sheep need to be safe at night. The sheep need to be taken care of and cannot just simply be left to graze without any proper attention.

Alongside educating themselves on the scientific benefits of sheep herding, the children will also train their visual-motor skills. They will become completely at ease with using the mouse without looking at it, and clicking according to what they feel is correct on the screen, or WHEN they feel is the right time. They will also learn the idea of a hierarchical order where even sheep, an animal which doesn’t communicate like we do, listens and follows the dog and it’s orders.

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