Shell Game

At Duckie Deck, we aim to provide a smile to all the children who play. Alongside the smile, we provide the best games and another plus is that all our games have an educational benefit and there is always something learn.

This Shell Game is a fun game, which requires the player to follow where the ball goes. The animation of the game places the ball under one cup, and then, as the trick goes, it moves the cups around and it is up to the player to see if they are able to click on the correct cup underneath which the ball lies.

This game is not only fun, but will also train your child with their concentration, and attention skills. By following where exactly the ball goes, the child is able to develop their attention span and increase their level concentration. This is an important and effective tool for everybody, more so children. Whilst they are at school, or even playing with friends, their attention span is always something on which a light is shone upon. Food, drink and many other things play a part in a child’s attention span, but it is important to remember that it is also something, which the child has control over and can themselves, develop.

This game is one, which will attract the child’s thought process, and the competitive nature of the game will bring out the same nature within the player. They will love this game.

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