Colouring Games

Colouring games are always a lot of fun for the children. They love exploring and expressing their creative sides and it seems that paper and colour seems to be the perfect medium and platform!

This game is a brilliant device for the child to learn the art of colouring and sharing. The game requires the child to click on a picture of their choice (which in itself will tell you a lot about them), then replicate the picture by following the draft lines to draw the picture. The reason why we mention sharing is because this could be a multiplayer game if your child allows or chooses it to be.

Many of their friends can join in and have fun with this game. Each child can choose a line or picture of their choice and see who draws the picture more effectively and with more precision. This game tests precision and creativity. It will allow your child to learn what exactly the objects which they are drawing are – they will become curious as to what a mushroom is, or how a squirrel travels. Through having fun, we aim to teach your children the important lessons in life – this game does exactly that by teaching them how to be creative, how to draw and how to share and have fun.

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