Santa Games

We here teach games that are important for your child’s future. Now, you may ask the question as to how this Santa Game is going to benefit your child, apart from them having fun and smiling. Well, to start off with – they have to learn how to drive at some point and to provide them with a coordinative sense, and a decent sense of direction is not a bad start at all!

This game requires the child to deliver the presents to particular houses. However, they have to hurry as Santa has to make it on time. This game trains visual analysis and planning skills. This game will teach your child how to analyse which way is the correct way and which way will provide the most efficient and quickest route. The child will master these techniques and store them in his/her memory for future play on this game. Often children only recognise there to be one solution to the obstacle in front of them, however this game will broaden their horizons and teach them that there is always a plan b – and this may at times be the better option!

It will aid them in their personal planning skills as they themselves will make independent decisions as to which way THEY think will be the most efficient, and which road will save the most time. This will help them take control of the game and will be seen in their outer lives, where they will begin to confidently make decisions which they feel may be correct.

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