Number Recognition Games

A game which will test your child’s logical method of thinking and one which may also draw in the adults! This is a very fun game which requires your child to follow the numbers on the side of the screen and match them accordingly. Not only will they be matching the numbers, but also the colours so it is an interactive game which develops their skills in association.

There is a lot of background noise in this game and this is a very clever technique which we have deliberately placed in. You will recognise we do this with a lot of our games as we want to the child to understand their surroundings. These provide the games with more character and make it that bit more real for the player. This number recognition game will help them count and learn their numbers in a logical sense. They may ask as to why the number ‘3’ comes before ‘2’ and here is where the parental guidance will help. They will comprehend the functionality and purpose of a safe. Especially when they get a glimpse of what is inside!

A fun game for both adults and children which will help them develop fundamental skills needed from everything to telling time through to cooking.

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Every child loves ice cream so if you find that your child is absolutely crazy about ice cream then they are certainly no exception. The primary aim of this game is entertainment. This game is designed to simply allow your child to virtually eat this ice-cream, pretend they are full and start all the way from the beginning again! Do not be alarmed if they ask for ice cream once they have finished playing this game. Even the adults may want a scoop after watching their kids play this!