Room Decorating Games

Some of the boys may turn their noses up at games like this one – ‘Urgh, girls!’ they may claim but this is possibly one of the most important and useful games they could play. Not only does this game enhance them in their imaginative and creative method of thinking but it also helps them with their visual analysis. They will learn what works best for them and develop an individual, personal image. You will be able to tell a lot about your child from the room they create.

The game asks the child to decorate the entire room with complete control left in their hands. This could be their chance to recreate that dream living space they always wanted… and yes, even kids dream to have nig beautiful rooms (full of toys).

At first, they will seem spoilt for choice. From the colours of the chairs to the shapes of the windows, they may seem overwhelmed. However, they will slowly begin to understand what they themselves want and what works best for them. From a calculated viewpoint, they may analyse the room and recognise why the circle window may work better than the square, or why placing a window and a chair in a certain position or direction is more beneficial than an alternative. This game is a brilliant game with long-lasting effects on your child. It will enhance many aspects of the child’s learning and is also great fun with a huge array of options!

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