Cake Games

It is pretty hard to say no to a good pie. More so when they are the sweet kind! This game has many layers to it, and by layers, we do not mean simply icing and sponge. There are many opportunities in this game for your child to develop an entire skill-set, both individually and alongside others.

This unique game provides your child with the chance to play with their friends and test all their creative abilities. The Pie in the Sky is a cake game which will test your child’s ability to work from a calculative perspective and a creative perspective.

The game initially begins and lays on the table for the player, a variety of options from which you are able to decorate the cake. These decorations are both your normal candles however there are a lot of interactive objects which your child can also add to the cake for example the tomatoes and ducks which jump around. The fact that these objects are responsive will allow your child to differentiate between why some are reacting and some aren’t. They will come to understand what these objects are and how they react. For example, once the player places the candles on the cake, it lights up. It is not lit up when on the side however as mentioned, when on the cake, it automatically lights up. The child will see that these objects do not have a huge significance unless they are on the cake.

Alongside learning the differences between the shapes and objects, the child has the option to click on to the background action. This is quite unique to this cake game as the child is able to click on the biscuit in the background and dunk it in to the cup of tea. This is, as well as the cakes, a real-life event which the child may have seen the parents do and can re-enact. The child will realise that it does not necessarily have to be a birthday to have a cake as they can choose whether they want to put on the numbers or not. The background activity provides the child with the ability to spread their concentration and progress the ability to multi-task.

The next layer allows the child to divide the cake into pieces and place on plates. This can allow the child to understand the concept of sharing and is where the other friends can also join in as they are able to choose which piece they want and what exactly they want on their piece. The child will develop the ability to calculate the size of the pieces and make the decisions as to why certain people will get certain pieces, or why they deserve it.

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