Paint Games

We are always complaining about the children wiring on the walls and getting paint all over the carpet and floors aren’t we? Well, why not find a positive output for all this creativity and show them how to play this game?

This Paint Game is one which is a bundle of fun. It takes the idea of creating a mess and gives it a fun and creative platform on which to express. The idea of the game is for your child to simply throw the paint balls, whichever colour and in whatever order they may choose, at the blank white wall in front of them. Through this messy expedition and messy exploration, should we say, the child is able to create themselves a masterpiece.

It will provide your child with the chance to experiment which will show you the thinking patterns of the child. You will understand your child from a creative perspective when you see whether your child is structured in their throws or not. You will see whether the child wants to actually create a picture of something, or just splatter paint as much they can – this will show you the thinking patterns of your little junior. The boys may use the darker colours, for example, blue whereas the girls will simply use the brighter ones, or maybe even all of them! By creating their own individual compositions, they are learning to become individuals, learning to become their own person and have their own personalities – this is very important within their later lives.

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