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Logical thinking is one of the most important and fundamental skills which every human being uses and requires in their life. The earlier they are able to grasp this, and the earlier they act upon this, the faster they will apply them to their action and thoughts. This building game is the perfect game to help your child with their logical method of thinking. It asks the child to build the oil rig from scratch. So the ship pulls up with all the parts, and the child is to click and drag the right pieces to their correct places.

They will ask as to what exactly an oil rig is and how it works and affects us. Children always want to know how it will affect their immediate actions, more so than us adults! All they have to do is simply complete the game and they will get their answers. The Oil Rig cannot work unless assembled correctly, in a logical order. Once complete, it comes to life – the people within begin working and the helicopter arrives. This will show them that when their thought processes are correct, it pays off; things work! It may even inspire them to go work near the sea/port when older.

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Every child loves ice cream so if you find that your child is absolutely crazy about ice cream then they are certainly no exception. The primary aim of this game is entertainment. This game is designed to simply allow your child to virtually eat this ice-cream, pretend they are full and start all the way from the beginning again! Do not be alarmed if they ask for ice cream once they have finished playing this game. Even the adults may want a scoop after watching their kids play this!