Games For Girls

If there was ever a game for girls only, then this would be that game! Even the name says it all – the aim of this game is very simple. The player (boy or girl) has to create their own necklace, and which girl is there that wouldn’t like to own their own beautiful necklaces?

The player is given a variety of options to choose from. She can even have them all if she wants – from different coloured pearls to sparking shapes of hearts, it is all up to the player and how they want their necklace to turn out.

This is another game which will help your child develop an individual taste and develop their creativity. To have a creative flair is very important and it is games like this one here at Duckie Deck, which let your child explore and experiment with that they are capable of. They may choose some of the beads, they may not choose any at all. They may decide to go with only the pink ones; however the question is raised as to ‘Why’ they have done this. Here is where the parents have a chance to ask them why and learn to understand their children.

Our games are all about making your children smile. We aim to provide a smile – but with the smile come educational benefits, bond-creating between parents and their kids and equipment for lifelong learning. We here at Duckie Deck take pride in our work and this Necklace Game is a brilliant example.

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