Simple Games for kids

This may come across as a simply game for kids however do not be deceived. This game has many elements within its infrastructure which will allow your child to play, learn and implement their knowledge in all walks of life. This game is one of many foundational games which will help your child develop fundamental skill-sets such as visual-motor coordination. To begin with, it is vital to get to grips with any sort of coordination, whether that is hand-eye or visual-motor – they are important tools to have, especially as a child.

This game requires the child to mess around with the monkey by using the mouse to help it swing on the branch of the tree. By using the mouse, the child is able to use their power of judgment to make decisions such as when to let go of the mouse button, or when to click. The player is able to interact with this game and measure up, accurately the reactions of this monkey, through the noises it makes and the height at which the monkey swings back.

Any player of this simple games for kids will undoubtedly have fun watching this monkey swing and make the noises it does. However alongside the mentioned benefits, are there any other long-lasting benefits? Of course! As well developing the ability to understand reactions and grow their capacity to judge certain actions, the child is able to learn how to use a computer and a mouse. Throughout their academic life, in school and as they grow up, in this modern day and age it has become absolutely integral to learn and know how to use technological devices such as a computer. The earlier they are able to use such a device to their own advantage and to their desires, the more their knowledge will increase on the more intricate uses of a computer. Games as such are what lay the foundation for such developments to take place – the child will learn how to, not only use the mouse, but control it too. They will understand the functions of the mouse and its relation to the computer screen.

The noises of the branch will also help cause the player to understand the noise. Not only hear it but ask questions as to why it specifically makes this kind of noise and how they are produced. As mentioned at the outset, the visual-motor skills are the most important and integral skills which every person develops to certain extents. For a child to begin learning how their hands and eyes work together is very important. For them to understand that they have to be in control of how their hands may work when they see something in front of them is a necessity; a necessity which this game helps provide.

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