Clean Up Games

Want your child to grow up having a pro-ecological attitude? Want them to learn how to clean-up and be nice to nature? Then this is the perfect game! This game promotes a positive attitude within your child about their environment and their surroundings. They are made more aware of the make-up and what all the fields consist of.

In the clean-up game, they are given the ability to build their own meadows, from adding insects and flowers to bags and piles of soil. You may wonder why the term ‘clean-up’ has been utilised here and this is because your child will not only beautify the meadow with wonderful flowers but also has the freedom to put in the meadows, as mentioned, empty bags, paper and soil. Then they are able to take them away by clicking on them! This game will ask the player for creative input and to explore and portray their imagination onto this empty field.

They will come to understand what a meadow is and the types of objects, inanimate or not, which exist within these boundaries. They will thoroughly enjoy playing this as it will help them develop their creativity and let them have the liberty of taking ownership, which all kids love doing!

The different objects will provide an educational perspective for them as the variety of plants, e.g. mushrooms and flowers will act as catalysts in the child wanting to understand what and how these things work. It is a game which is riveting and enjoyable in more than one way.

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