Mahjong Games

Ever been intrigued by the Chinese culture? Well, if we adults are curious then imagine the levels of curiosity of our children! This is a very straightforward and simple Mah-jong game. Mah-jong is a game where the child has to simply match the coin with one another and once done, they can move up to the next level.

A game like this develops their skills of observation and their ability to recognise and match what they see is correct. They will use the logical methods they have learnt through playing our other games and thoroughly enjoy this game. It is designed to help your child’s curiosity never diminish; it is here to also provide them with that healthy competitive edge which will expand their way of thinking and their progression in their outer lives.

This mah-jong game is fun and exciting and more than one player can play this. Therefore it is a game which will develop their interactive and social skills as they will want to see if they are better players than their friends. They may even challenge you to the game and see how well you do in comparison to them! Now that will be a challenge!

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