Santa Claus Games

What are your child’s reflexes like? Or how progressively will their reflexes develop as they mature? These are questions which bring in the physical concepts of your child. Our games not only concentrate on the mind of the child, but also on ways in which the child can grow in their physical ability to understand and carry out things they may want to do.

This Santa Claus game brings Christmas to you – no more waiting around for presents! The aim of the game is to help Santa land inside the chimney at the precise moment by clicking on him… at the precise moment. He then falls into the house where he distributes presents, as Santa does!

This game not only shows your child how Santa works at night, but also trains their reflexes and predictive ability. Your child will learn how to use the mouse to its ability so that it matches the predictions of the child. The player will also learn the art of predicting and how to time their own reflexes to precision. Inevitably, your child may miss a couple of times but be sure that they will perfect this game and polish up on their reactive methods. This will help them increase their alertness levels and also increase their concentration time for longer periods of time. It may also make them a little more competitive, but this is not always a bad thing is it?

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