Science Games

Science games are always fun and incredibly educational in every form. There may come a point where your child will receive their first bike, which may or may not have a light on the front and back. There are plugs or sockets on the bikes, there are no switches or wires, so we have to understand how exactly do these lights come on?

Through playing this science game, the child will understand the mechanism of electricity and how exactly the light bulb on the bike is switched on. The player will comprehend and want to know more about electricity and how exactly science and more specifically, physics works. Not only will the game teach your child the beauty of science but also how to use a mouse. It will show them how the mouse can affect their game and the pace at which they perform.

There comes a point where the bulb blows due to too much electricity being generated into the actual light. This is the art of consequence for the child. The children will learn that there can be too much with everything that happens. Anything in excess is never good, moderation perfection.

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