Mouse Games For Kids

If your child is starting out playing on the computer and interacting with such technology, then this game is the perfect platform for them to learn the movements of the mouse and how to coordinate their movements with the clicks of the mouse.

This is possibly the simplest of games on Duckie Deck however not short of fun. It will create a curiosity within your child as to how these eyes work and why they seem to follow around every click of the mouse. They may ask as to how exactly the mouse and computer work, and what the concept of investigation is.

Our games do not simply teach the children a lesson which is apparent, but rather the games allow them to take away skills. These skills can be transferrable and will help them in many other parts of their lives. We want the players to have fun and enjoy the games and the reason behind this is that they have a memory of the game and associate a feeling with the games. With this particular game, they are able to spark their curiosity and have fun with the eyes. They will enjoy this and therefore understand the game and it’s lessons.

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