Bug Games

Children love and enjoy playing outside. That is if they are not stuck to the television inside, or their iPads for that instance! When they are outside, they love exploring and finding out what their surroundings are made up of – they want to know why the grass is green or wet, they chase after the dogs and cats; they will try and grab every insect that comes in their path.

It is this fearless curiosity which makes children such innocent and amazing creatures. Their brains are blank canvases and therefore it is games like this bug game which begins the learning process off for them. Even if they did not recognise and match all the insects properly, this game will teach them. It is a simple and fun game which requires the toddler to match the different body parts of the insects to its correct place. The head, the body and the wings are all scattered for the child to organise.

This game will teach your child the skills of observation and analysis. They will recognise and learn how certain insects look and that they too have different body parts. This is a type of game which will flair their curiosity and makes them want to learn more about the wildlife out there! You’ll be taking a trip to the zoo in no time!

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Every child loves ice cream so if you find that your child is absolutely crazy about ice cream then they are certainly no exception. The primary aim of this game is entertainment. This game is designed to simply allow your child to virtually eat this ice-cream, pretend they are full and start all the way from the beginning again! Do not be alarmed if they ask for ice cream once they have finished playing this game. Even the adults may want a scoop after watching their kids play this!