Parents and children alike should find this game very entertaining and well worth your time. It is a game which broadens; tests and uses many parts of a child’s knowledge. Through interacting in this game, the player is able to use, first and foremost, their sight alongside testing their strength in hearing and finally, their ability to analyse speech.

Now it may seem quite a far cry to claim that children are able to analyse speech however it is important to realise the children more so than adults, communicate through analysing tone. They have their very own language and nobody can tell them otherwise! This game provides the participant to click on the funny facial pieces – it does not contain eyes or a mouth which is the genius part of the game. The child is able to look at these shapes and will naturally question, as will adults, as to why on earth the faces do not contain eyes, ears and a mouth. Their curiosity will cause them to click on to the faces in itself. The fact that they do not contain mouths will keep the focus of the child on the faces. Especially when they click on to the faces which will then produce a sound which they child will be familiar with, or will find funny. This is an incredibly logical game which teaches the child the value of expression.

Every child, before they are able to say their first words, uses expression by noise to communicate their feelings. To them this is ‘talking’. Players of this game will therefore find themselves nodding their heads or agreeing and disagreeing with the noises that the caricatures make. They themselves will use expressions to respond to the digital beings.

Expression to a child does not necessarily have to involve words, but more so the tone. This is exactly what this game is about. The player develops the ability to change his/her tone to suit their need. They will learn and produce the capability to change their tone as per their emotions. So a different tone will be used for asking a question, a different one to answer, a different one when upset and so forth! This is a thoroughly enjoyable game with many learning benefits for the child.

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