Gift Exchange Games

This game is a brilliantly advanced game for the children to play. It is one which reaps countless benefits, from the comprehending of others’ needs to logical thinking and skills. This game has many parts to it, and the first part is to match what is in the bubble/dream of the character to the objects in front of them. Another part of the game is to click on the environmental factors in play here. The light switches on, the cat pops out and the plant shakes and gives off a little jingle.

The first part, to match the corresponding items is an extremely long-lasting and effective piece of play. The gift exchange game means that you have place within each characters hands or laps their required toy, whether it be a kite, a fish or a car. When they do receive one of the two items in their pictured dreams, they show signs of satisfaction; they make a happy noise, a ‘yayy’. This allows your child to understand that everyone has different needs and not everybody is the same. The characters show displeasure and grunt if the wrong toy is provided to them. This not only lets the player know they are wrong, but also teaches the child the rules of logic.

Even as an infant, to learn the lesson of logic is a mandatory tool. They will come to understand that you have to fend to their needs for a person to be content. A child can be very demanding indeed!

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