Bird Games

This Bird Game raises the child’s inquisitive ability as it will make the child ask a bunch of interesting questions which as adults, we may also want to know.

The player will understand what exactly a bird is and how Geese are a specific type of bird. They will ask questions like why they fly in a V-formation and where exactly they are going in such an organised manner. By matching the birds to their silhouettes, the child is able to develop their visual-motor skills and also their scientific knowledge.

It is a simple game, a game with lasting benefits however. With the right guidance, the player will come to the understanding that birds migrate to warmer countries during the colder seasons. There is a Seasonal game which the children can also play to familiarise themselves with these earthly changes. Animals such as birds have to keep warm to stay alive and the child will learn this and realise that they are not so different to us human beings at all. In many ways humans and animals are very similar. The player will learn to not be afraid of animals and embrace them by understanding them rather than fear them due to the unknown.

It is a very simple game nonetheless, as explained, it is a technical one; a game which provides beautiful insight with many lasting benefits. They will learn that birds fly in groups and love to have friends and family just like we do.

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