Frog Games

It is time for the frogs evening concert. They have gathered under the moonlight to play notoriously fun games and your child is the conductor. The atmospheric music allows your child to immediately understand the mood and that the frogs are there to punctuate this music through the natural noises they make.

Speaking about natural, this frog game provides visuals and audio which teaches the player about the frog itself. It shows the kid that the frogs have a brilliant ability to project themselves and jump high, as well as making the ‘ribbit’ noise from the bottom of their throats – which we’re sure you will hear your child doing whilst playing this game!

This fog play will guide your child towards how to use a computer mouse to their own advantage. It will show them how to use the clicking device and movement to have fun with these mischievous frogs. From an educational perspective, the child will understand the features of the frogs – the eyes and legs and will raise fascinating questions such as ‘why can they jump so high?’ or ‘how come their legs are so short and skinny?’ to which you as a parent will have to explain! The frogs in the game are also individual and interactive; they lick their lips and move around allowing the player to understand them as animals and not just inanimate objects. They are happy creatures which are a lot of fun and it is your child’s job to help them have as much fun as possible.

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