Counting Games

We are all aware how important Maths is within our daily lives. As well as your child being creative, it is important that they are able to use and develop both parts of their brains; both the creative and quantitative, for example, Maths problems and Science. Every parent wants their child to exceed in what they enjoy however when they are at such a young age, it is vital that they are able to create a more complete understanding of the world around them.

This Counting Game enables your child to learn the art of counting. There is a list of number, from one to ten across the bottom. Two hands are then displayed above, which show numbers through the amount of fingers shown. The child is to count the number of fingers demonstrated and click on what they think is the right number.

This brilliant game is perfect for a child just beginning to learn their numbers. It is an interactive game which uses the visual aid of a pair of hands. Children are obviously familiar with what pair of hands are and know how they work… to an extent! The child will initially get excited that there is something on the screen which they can relate with.

One of the most interesting and distinct features of this game is that the child can move the game from the computer screen to their own hands. It is a practical game with long-lasting effects as it provides the child with the knowledge that their hands, as well being a tool to pick and eat things with, can also help you educate yourself.

Now, after all the pleasing aesthetics, you wonder whether it is actually going to teach anything of benefit to your child. It is an evitable fact that children between the ages of 2-5 years are like sponges, they will absorb any information which is placed in front of them. Not only does this counting game show the child that their hands are an important aid when counting but it also teaches them the essence of numbers and how they work.
The skills which they will acquire through playing this game are versatile and necessary skills which can be applied to all factors within their little lives. From telling time to counting the amount of vegetables on their plate! They will understand that there is an order to things and this order is identified through this numerical system. This game will increase their understanding of Mathematics and lay the foundation for the child to learn all the other numbers from 10 and above. They will have fun whilst learning and their competitive nature will cause them to always attempt to get the correct answer. The simplicity yet effectiveness of this game help it rise above others like it as it completely understands and relates with the thinking process of a child and ergo has a greater and more beneficial effect.

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