Dentist Games

Is your child afraid of the dentist? Well, they are no different than the majority of children out there! – The only things to really look forward to at the dentist are the stickers and the games in the waiting room – the mouthwash may taste slightly nice at times!

This Dentist game is one which will help you tame your child’s fear and stand on the ‘safe side’ of the drill for once. This game not only broadens the child’s knowledge but also helps create a positive attitude towards dentist appointments.

Beginning with the visual aids, the teeth are something which the children are very familiar with… and intrigued by. Games like this Dentist Games helps the child to explore their senses, which kids between the ages of 2-5 spend their entire days doing. When they can have fun whilst exploring and understanding their senses, they are able to remember more and apply it to other activities outside the game. This game enables them to have this vital dosage of fun needed whilst learning.

The child will use their sense of sight and taste when playing this game. Sight is the most important sense which is utilised in this game and other alike. They will recognise similar tools when going to the dentist however they will not be entirely familiar with how exactly all this equipment works. When the dentist starts the drills or digs away at fillings, the child understands that they are fixing your teeth but they are not sure exactly how. The Dentist game bridges this gap and explains how the mechanics work. It is important for a child to understand why things work and exactly HOW they work. This will then provide a clear structure and understanding from which the child is able to draw and apply to their personal lives.

The game begins with the use of the drill to fill in the teeth. The player here is able to clearly see the rotten teeth and compare them to the clean ones which is an important link to make. After providing the tooth raincoat on the teeth, the next step for the child is to take some of the filling material and fill in the teeth with the amalgam. These technical terms are irrelevant when the child is learning on the game, the main focus is for the child to see what the process is and put it into perspective.
After filling in the teeth, the mouth closes with a smile. This may not seem of much importance however it is an integral finish to this great game. Once again, it is creating that association between being happy and having good teeth. The child’s mind works by association feelings with practical elements – the Dentist Game makes this association for your child and helps them to develop their educational learning.

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