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One of the first works of art which was known by man is the painting of clay pots. Whilst allowing you to paint you clay pots, the game also allows the player to train their artistic and creative skills.

This simple yet eloquent game will teach your child the art of pot-painting from which they will learn many things. The first being one of the most important and transferrable skills which they will attain – the skill of visual-motor coordination. They will learn how to handle a mouse and screen and use it to their advantage. These visual-motor skills are transferrable meaning that there will be many times throughout their personal growth and development where they will need to implement the attained attributes.

Another thing that they will learn is how to make a pot look good. You may ask why this is important and how it will ever be of use to a child. However, do not underestimate the absorbing and learning qualities of a child. The player will pick up anything which comes their way so for them to use a paint brush and have a wide array of choices to decorate the pot will be nothing but an exploration - an exploration of their own abilities, an exploration of their individual taste, and an exploration of their levels of creativity.

At Duckie Deck, we provide games which provide a smile. We provide games which are educational and make your child smile at the same time. We believe that the child should approach anything in life with complete confidence and enthusiasm and it is games such as the Pot painting game which helps promote the idea.

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