Balloons Game

Every child loves balloons! Whether it is for an occasion or not, birthdays, parties or even the dentists, kids love balloons. This game is an incredibly interactive game with many layers of learning embedded within it. At first glimpse, it may seem like it is a simple balloon game with nice and entertaining visuals and sound effects. This is true however every parent is to ask how the child is to benefit from this game.

Firstly, the child will learn to recognise colours. All the balloons are of a different colour which helps the child with perception and how to become aware towards different colours. These colours will quite often trigger thoughts and emotions associated to that colour – not in an extreme manner however as they are all bright colours, the child will feel a sense of cheer and happiness whilst interacting on this game.

The child is allowed the freedom when playing this game. They are allowed to blow up the balloons on their own accord however this balloons game teaches a child one of the, if not the most important lesson in life – discipline. It teaches the player that there are limits and rules within any sort of activity in life. This game allows the child to learn fundamental tools of life which will undoubtedly be of future aid to him/her within their later life. They will learn that by pushing something too far, you may ruin it, or even the alternative; by not blowing the balloon enough, by not trying hard enough, you will not be able to enjoy its true colour and grandeur, by not putting in effort throughout life you may not enjoy it to its maximum capacity.

Returning to a more basic level of understanding, the child not only familiarises themselves with the colours but also the shapes. The game is intricately designed to test the knowledge of the child. The second balloon from the right for example, is not only red but also in the shape of a heart. This is one of the most universally recognised symbols and is therefore a picture which will remain with the child well after they have finished playing this game. It will allow the child to recognise, pick up and implement their knowledge within other aspects of life, whether that is in academia or elsewhere.

All the balloons pop at the same level. There is not one which is allowed one extra pump before it pops which again holds important significance. The child comes to the understanding of fairness and equality within rules. The underlying message will teach the child that it is important to be fair and understand what it means to be just with all of their actions.

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