Art For Kids

This game is about art for kids. Now, at a first glance, this may seem like an incredibly complex and intricate game for a child to be playing. You may ask as to whether the child actually knows who or what 'The Mona Lisa’ is, however it is questions as such which are going to help with expanding your child’s knowledge.

The aim of this Art game is for the child to match all the pictures with their correct images. Somebody has come along and mixed up all famous pictures. Where has the Mona Lisa’s face got to? Has anybody seen the ermine? The player has to clean up this mess and put back in place all the pictures in the correct places.

With enough guidance, the child will learn what the pictures are and maybe even the history behind them, but for now – just knowing which picture is which is definitely an achievement! They will ask questions about the pictures and once they have learnt about what they look like, they will attempt the game and learn a vast amount of knowledge.

They will train their visual-motor skills and also their ability to recognise shapes and images. This will also help their artistic talents and make them understand painting a picture is a complex and patient process. All this knowledge will be absorbed and the earlier they learn such knowledge, the more effective it will become for them in later life; both in and out of school.

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