Duckie Deck With Teeth

Explaining the importance of dental care can be a tricky task with a rambunctious or sleepy toddler, especially when it’s time to wash up for bed. With Teeth not only makes brushing a lot more fun, it also shows a fun variation on tooth growth and development.

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What people say about With Teeth


"Once again Duckie Deck has bridged the on-screen/off-screen gap to encourages both parents and kids to continue the fun away from the iPad” Read more »


"Makes mouthcare fun for kids” Read more »


"Fun hygiene app for kids ages 1+ to learn about the importance of dental care.” Read more »

Karen N. Nemeth, early childhood education expert

"I watched a 4 year old and 6 year old play it together the first time they saw it and they giggled while they learned that brushing teeth can be fun”

Jamie Stevens, author/illustrator

"I truly do feel that children will enjoy this app” Read more »