Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra

Bring music to life with our new app, Homemade Orchestra! Kids will love experimenting with different instruments, all of which can be crafted from household objects. Mix and match in Play mode, and see what kinds of harmonies (or cacophonies) you can create!

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What people say about Homemade Orchestra

Victoria Voelders

"This app will be a pleasure to work with for any child ages 1 to 12” Read more »

Amber Neely, Macnn

"Great way for kids to entertain themselves on a rainy afternoon” Read more »


"Encourages kids to be creative” Read more »

Sarah DeBellis, Special Education Teacher

"Colourful and fun, easy to use for little fingers” Read more »

Angie Gorz, Appymall

"Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra is a wonderful introduction to musical exploration for young ones!” Read more »

Maria Laverty, Grandma

"Mums and dads (and grannies) could have good family fun creating their own little orchestras”