Duckie Deck Card Wars

An old classic with a fresh, kid-friendly look – challenge your friends to a game of Card Wars! Our latest animated game teaches youngsters about numbers and values, with the help of a little competitive spirit that’s fun at any age.

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What people say about Card Wars


"My kids love this game and have already asked for a deck of cards to play “for real”” Read more »

Eric, Geekswithjuniors

"Kids can use the game to practice their counting and number-comparing skills” Read more »

Stuart Dredge, AppsPlayground

"I really like Duckie Deck Card Wars” Read more »

Jo Booth, AppyMall

"I love playing War with kids as it is a great way to to teach playing with a partner, taking turns, and winning and losing gracefully” Read more »

Angie Gorz, AppyMall

"It is also neat that it is a two player app, so that children can engage with another child, while using their device” Read more »