Duckie Deck Bird Houses

Join us in creating awesome homes for fluffy birds with the new Duckie Deck Bird Houses! Here’s a chance for kids to design, build and decorate stylish pads that will give their winged friends something to sing about. Kids can exercise their creativity and express their personal style while learning to care for wildlife.

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What people say about Bird Houses


"I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of preschoolers” Read more »


"Encourages young players to take their talent off-screen” Read more »


"It allows kids to express their creativity and get closer to nature” Read more »

Sharon Turriff, Parent

"Fun new way for preschoolers to work on creativity” Read more »


"Beautifully designed colorful app” Read more »

Jo Booth, Therapist

"Bravo! I love it. It is so sweet, and just the right length to hold a toddlers attention”